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The LH96 can be customized with a broad range of accessories and modules to accommodate the specific needs of your lab.

Homogenizing Platform

Available in an 8-Head motor configuration for processing 8 samples simultaneously.



Liquid Handling

For dispensing and aliquoting capabilities based on weight or user specifications and can automatically dispense reagents and buffers into sample tubes for volumes ranging from 50µL to 25mL. Up to 6 separate channels can be accommodated.

Four Independent Pipette Channels can transfer homogenate from the sample tubes into 96-well plates or other user-specified tube matrices. Disposable pipette tips can be used in conjunction with Omni Tip Plastic Probes to virtually eliminate cross-contamination.


Bar Code Reader

For electronic tracking and cataloguing of samples to eliminate processing errors.

Weighing Module

Accurately records sample weights to 0.001 gram.





Stainless Steel Sample Tube Tray

Included tube rack holds up to 96 tubes. Custom sample trays are available for a variety of tube sizes from 5mL to 50mL.





Integrated Temperature Control Module

A special active or passive cooling or heating module can be specified in order to keep sensitive samples at their desired temperature during the entire processing cycle of the workstation.




Control Software

The LH96 is controlled and monitored by a special PC-based software. GUI show current status, number of samples processed, and number of samples remaining. Sequential steps are listed so user can easily monitor cycle progress. Programs can be customized, stored, and easily recalled.