Homogenization Methods
Omni Tip Plastic Probes Stainless Steel Homogenizer Probes

Ensure the Integrity of your sample by using Omni Tip probes 

The Omni LH96 is compatible with patented Omni Tip™ plastic homogenizing probes, designed to completely avoid cross-contamination between samples during homogenization. The tips can be autoclaved or batch chemically cleaned for reuse, or Omni Tips can be disposed of after each use. Omni Tips are 7 millimeters in diameter by 110 millimeters in length and are available in both hard tissue and soft tissue versions.


Stainless Steel Homogenzer Probes are also available for the LH96. These probes are ideal for larger sample volume, larger initial tissue size, and tougher tissue types. Stainless Steel Probes are also resistant to most organic solvents commonly used during homogenization.


Omni Tip Hybrid Homogenizing Probes combine the convenience of disposable plastic probes with the durability of traditional stainless steel probes. Hybrid homogenizer probes are made up of an outer stainless steel tube with an inner plastic shaft.