The LH96 combines a core homogenizing platform, capable of efficiently processing a wide variety of samples, with fully  customizable liquid handling capabilities. The LH96 can also be customized with a broad range of accessories and modules to accommodate the specific needs of your lab.

The Omni LH96 is compatible with patented Omni Tip™ plastic homogenizing probes, designed to completely avoid cross-contamination between samples during homogenization.  Stainless steel probes are also available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The LH96 can automatically dispense buffer or diluents based on user defined specifications or actual sample weight.  Four independent pipette channels transfer homogenate to 96-well plates or other tube formats. Liquid level detection is also available if needed for specific protocols.

Bar Code Reader and Automatic Sample Weighing are other optional features for the LH96. Integrated sample cooling down to 4°C is also available for those working with frozen and/or delicate samples.




Configuration 1 - Omni AH96 (Homogenization Only)

- Process eight samples at a time and up to 96 samples per cycle
- 2 Shelf System for Omni Tips, sample tubes and spent Omni Tips






Configuration 2 - Omni LH96 (Modular & Fully Customizable)

Users choose from the following options:

- Weigh samples or input pre-weighed sample data
- Scan barcode labels
- Add liquids, dilute samples based on sample weight or pre-determined weights
- Maintain sample integrity/temperatures during homogenizing by passive or active  heating or cooling methods.
- Pipette homogenized sample into 96 well plates or other functions for further downstream processing

General Specifications

Processing Range: .25mL to 50mL per tube

Speed: Variable from 500 to 28,000 rpm

Liquid Dispensers:

  • 5000µL to 25mL capability
  • Up to 6 separate distribution channel
  • Accurate to /- 1%


  • 1mL widebore or normal tip
  • 4 channels
  • Accurate to /- 1%


  • 40"(h) x 28"(w) x 20"(d)
  • 101cm (h) x 71.1cm (w) 50.8cm (d)

Weight: 95 lbs. (base unit)

Warranty: 1 year