The Omni LH96 Automated Liquid Handling & Homogenizing Workstation

The Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer & Liquid Handling Workstation



- Replace your homogenizer, liquid handler, pipette & weighing platform, all in one automated machine!

- Speed up your sample prep

- Reduce space in the lab 

- Eliminate risk of cross contamination 

- Get consistent results, every time



The Omni LH96 can be configured to combine multiple sample prep steps into one versatile, efficient and automated device. Quite literally, what used to take hours or days can now be completed in a matter of minutes, and without attendance.

The LH96 integrates a core homogenizing platform, capable of efficiently processing a wide variety of samples from 5mL to 50mL tubes, with fully customizable liquid handling capabilities. 

Patented robotic technology (patent #US6988518) allows the LH96 to combine the functions of many different automated devices into a single platform small enough to fit into most laminar fume hoods.

  • Weigh samples -or- input pre-weighed sample data.
  • Add liquids, dilute samples based on sample weight or pre determined weights.
  • Homogenize up to 8 samples simultaneously
  • Eliminate cross contamination concerns using proven Omni Tip technology.
  • Or use traditional stainless steel probes.
  • Add cooling, heating, barcode reading, weighing, sample dilution based on weight
  • Walk-away processing

Fully customizable sample prep solution to eliminate bottlenecks & assure uniform, error-free results.

The LH96 is ideally suited to:

  • Reduce sample processing time & cost
  • Eliminate bottlenecks caused by medium or high sample throughput
  • Pharmaceutical Research - Drug Discovery/ DMPK
  • Tablet processing/QC
  • Biological Resarach - Proteomics, nucleic isolation
  • DNA, RNA, PCR & Protein Extraction
  • Cancer Research
  • Emulsions & Suspensions
  • Plant & Animal Tissue Processing
  • Nanotechnology
  • And many more...

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The Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer & Liquid Handling Workstation

The LH96 is one of many multi-sample homogenizer solutions from Omni International.

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                 The Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizing Workstation                                                                     The Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer & Liquid Handling Workstation